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1999 Grand National Fighter Results

1999 AKA National Fighter Kite Competition
Muncie, IN

Novice Line Touch
1 Dave Young
2 Bill Shumacher
3 Pam Hodges
Experienced Line Touch
1 Steve Bateman
2 Nelson Borelli
3 Mike Steele
Masters Line Touch
1 Bruce Lambert
2 Jeff Gandee
3 Bruce Jarvie
Novice Skill
1 Dave Young
2 Barb Hall
3 Jeremy Johannesen
Experienced Skill
1 Nelson Borelli
2 Mike Steele
3 Mike Coons
1 Gordon Shmidt
2 Mike Coons
3 Bruce Lambert
Individual Rokkaku Battle
Mike Steele
Team Rokkaku Battle
The Amateurs
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