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2002 Grand National Fighter Resutls

The American Kitefliers Association

2002 Grand National Fighter Kite Competition
Ocean City, Md
Thursday, October 3rd & Friday, October 4th

Novice Precision
1 Steve Letourneau
2 Aled Lewis
3 Harlan Groover
Novice Line Touch
1 Lisa Willoughby
2 Aled Lewis
3 Catharine Gabrel
Experience Precision
1 Mike Coons
2 Bruce Jarvie
3 Andrew Selzer
Experience Line Touch
1 Mike Coons
2 Andrew Selzer
3 Norman Girard


2002 Grand National Rokkaku Battles
Saturday, October 5th

Team Rok Battles
1 Team Moe David Gomberg and Steve Bates 19 points
2 Charlie Don't Run Chuck Holmes and Debbie Wilkens 16 points
3 Mike's Mashers Mike Moseman & Harold Ames 9 points
Individual Rok Battles
After three rounds there was a three way tie with 12 points each.
In sudden death the results were:
1 Gary Sharp
2 Glen Davidson
3 Jeremy Johannesen
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