2002 Festival Photos

2002 World Team Sport Kite Championships
Berck-sur-Mer, France

After years of work, the World Sport Kite Championships became a reality in 2002.

The opening parade of banners is a whimsical event which sets the tone for the rest of the week. This year a yellow jeep led the way.
followed by Berck's municipal band.
The local tourist office carried a hundred foot dragon.
Gerard Clement (the chief organizer) is always helping straighten out the kinks.
AKA ex-president, Pete Dolphin was there proudly carrying the colors.
Each of the kite flying groups marches carying their banners.
The AKA is being represented in the World Sport Kite Championships by teams 6th Sense
and Legend.
If you don't recognize this face you need to find yourself another club.
The wind was blowing hard and spilling over the buildings and on to the beach
making the mega fly put on by all the teams here for the competition a significant challenge.
Berck draws crowds of spectators unlike any seen in the USA.
Sequestered in a local bar, the four attending members of the IRBC worked tirelessly putting the finishing touches on the Rule Book.

Left to right: Helmut Georgi, Mike Gillard, Peter Fiedler, and David Hansen

The Teams
Element'Air France
Flame United Kingdom
Garuda Germany
Legend United States
Matrix Management United Kingdom
O Flyer Malaysia
Overdrive France
6th Sense United States
Speed Japan
Tame Bird France
Watnu Germany
The Staff
Peter Fiedler (Chief Judge) Germany
Mike Emery (Judge) United Kingdom
Mike Gillard (Judge) United States
Chuck Sigal (Judge) United States
Hideo Wakuzawa (Judge) Japan
Left to Right: Drawing by Zamir Mati
Mike Emery, Mike Gillard, Peter Fiedler, Chuck Sigal, and Hideo Wakuzawa

Kathy Jarvis (Field Director) United Kingdom
Drawing by Zamir Mati
The Awards
Tame Bird Overdrive Element'Air
2nd place 1st place 3rd place
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