2003 Teams

17thInternational Kite Fesival
and 2003 World Team Sport Kite Championships
Berck-sur-Mer, France April 5th - 13th

The AKA Teams
Team Legend:
Due to the war in Iraq
Team Legend has decided not to attend.
Team S.P.I.
  • Jeff McCown
  • Donna McCown
  • Guy Blatnik
  • Claudia Steen
The STACK Teams
Element'Air France
Over Drive France
Tame Bird France
Garuda Germany
Watnu Germany
Flame United Kingdom
Matrix Management United Kingdom
Scratch Bunnies United Kingdom
AJSKA was not able to send any teams to this year's event.
The International Staff
Mike Emery (Chief Judge) STACK
Peter Fiedler (Judge) STACK
Chuck Sigal (Judge) AKA
Darrin Skinner (Judge) AKA
Hideo Wakuzawa (Judge) AJSKA
Kathy Jarvis (Field Director) STACK
Dave Hansen (Score Keeper) AKA
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