Liberty State Park’s 4th of July Celebration
(Liberty High Spirits July 4th)
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
Liberty State Park "Green Lawn"
Jersey City, NJ US
(AKA Region 2)
Fun Fly
I know this maybe a little last minute. But, Liberty State Park New Jersey will be set up for red white and blue (RWB) kite flying on the July 4th. The city had planned for fire works and live entertainment. That has been canceled due to budget problems. And this gives a opportunity to start a new kite event at the park with a built in crowd base. If we can put on a good show, it can grow into something major in the future. This is a chance to start exposing kiting to a LARGE population in the Northeast every July 4th. Anyone with Red White and Blue Kites (any type) and/or can do demos (of any kind) can come LSP and enjoy some sweet Liberty wind. We will need help and volunteers from any club or anybody! New people, old people, novice, experts or folks that have been wanting to meet kitefliers. If your into kites and want to help support the sport, please come on over. The great thing is that we do not have to pay the park for this event or the one in August 28, & 29, which would help out the NJSKC event (could come back with help). It‚s going to be less people then if the Jersey City was paying for the Fireworks. But plenty of people come to the park to try and see Macy's fireworks in NYC. If I can get conformation on who is coming, I will get some catering too. I maybe able to get some one night rooms (limited) also, although it’s kind of late in the game. We have just about the whole front “Green Lawn” area to use including the circle to fly. This could turn into the biggest RWB kite festival ever!
For additional information contact:
Kurtis Jones
Phone: 201-921-5518
Liberty High Spirits
Exit 14b off the New Jersey Turnpike. Easy!

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