Our monthly free fly for the Denver Metro area
(4th Sunday Monthly Fly RMKA)
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
Columbine Memorial at Clement Park
7306 W Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO 80123, CO US
(AKA Region 7)
Fun Fly
National Kite Month
Our monthly Fly for the Denver Metro area
For additional information contact:
Rocky Mountain Kite Association
1350 C Street
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 7202372727
Rocky Mountain Kite Association
East of the intersection of Wadsworth & Bowles, from North of Denver, I-70 south, Santa Fe exit, south on Santa Fe to Bowles then right go a few miles west, park is on left past Pierce.From South of Denver, I-70 north, C470 freeway west, Wasdsworth exit, go north to Bowles, right turn then just east of strip mall, turn right at Library.
We fly either near the Columbine Memorial or along the frontage road depending on events and wind direction

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