Anacortes Kids Kite Day and Exhibit
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
Anacortes High School
Anacortes, WA, US
(AKA Region 10)
National Kite Month
"KID'S KITE MAKING DAY & KITE ART EXHIBIT. Come learn about the history of kiting. See kites of all styles, shapes and sizes. Make a kite with the kids, or for yourself to and take and fly, and watch INDOOR flying demonstrations. A community event for kids of all ages. Presented by Sam and Cari King in association with the City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation, and The American Kiteflyer's Association. 10am-4pm @ Anacortes Highschool.
For additional information contact:
Sam & Cari King
9758 Flagstaff Lane
La Conner, WA, 98257
Phone: (360) 333-1485
Anacortes High School
1600 20th St.
Anacortes, WA 98221

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