Jamaica International Kite Festival
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
04/24/2011 - 04/25/2011
Richmond Estates
St. Ann’s Bay, JM
(AKA Region 13)
Fun Fly
Kite Art Exhibit
Kitemaking Competition
Fun For All Ages
Kids Kitemaking
The Jamaica International Kite Festival (possibly Jamaica’s largest family fun day) evolved out of the St. Ann Kite Festival held annually at the Seville Heritage Park adjacent to the historic Seville Great House on the outskirts of St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann.
The yearly one-day event attracts average community support in excess of 9, 000 persons, that however swelled to 20,000 for the 2010 staging at our new venue.
The festival is emboldened with a kaleidoscope of colours, exciting kite flying, food, unbridled fun and clean family entertainment.
For additional information contact:
Courtney Wallace
Box 113
Ocho Rios,
Phone: (876) 443-3984
Courtney Wallace
East along the coastal highway from Montego Bay -- West along the coast road from Ocho Rios
This event ends with one of the greatest reggae concerts in Jamaica.

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