Kites: Aerial Videography
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Date & Location:
Mary Gray Munroe Theater, Dobbs Unveristy Center
Emory University
Atlanta, GA US
(AKA Region 4)
Kite Art Exhibit
National Kite Month
Kite-mounted aerial photography captures a rarely seen point of view in a fashion akin to hand-held camera-work. This view allows a unique perspective for experiencing the environs and the camera’s relationship to the wind itself. Kites is not a play. It is a documentary film, using Aerial Videography, which is being developed for eventual presentation as a gallery installation. During Brave New Works, the artist will be focused on the issue of projection. He is experimenting with various strategies to ‘break away from the screen’ and test alternative projection surfaces including the human body, architecture, locations and moving kites. Technicians, actor/dancers, photographers, and art historians will assist the maker in his exploration of various ways space can be shared by spectators and projected images.
For additional information contact:
Kent Wall
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