Team Kitemaking at Ponderosa School
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
Ponderosa Elementary
2950 N Naomi
Meridian, ID US
(AKA Region 9)
Fun Fly
Kids Kitemaking
National Kite Month
First graders team with older students to make kites as partners. Cooperation, creativity, safety, exercise, kite history, construction and flying fun will be the emphasis of the day.
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Idaho Kite Festival
This is the third kitemaking workshop in my new area, SW Idaho, and we are gathering new volunteers and growing toward establishing an annual festival in the Boise area, transplanting Idaho Kite Festival from its original home in SE Idaho. We will continue annual or semiannual kitemaking in my old hometown, and will broaden our base here until we have put down roots.

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