Wildwoods International Kite Festival
An AKA Sanctioned Kite Festival

Date & Location:
05/27/2011 - 05/30/2011
On the beach between Andrews and Bennett Ave.s
Wildwood, NJ US
(AKA Region 2)
Fun Fly
Indoor Competition
Sport Kite Competition
Kite Art Exhibit
Kitemaking Competition
Fun For All Ages
Kids Kitemaking
Fighter Kite Competition
Come join us for the 26th annual Wildwoods International Kite Festival where you\'ll enjoy four full days of activities, workshops, competition, comraderie and fun.
For additional information contact:
Beatrix Pelton
16 Springstead Drive
Chester, NY 10918
Phone: (732) 822-4884
The host hotel is The Oceanic and can be reached at 609 522 6500.
Additional information can be found on the registration form at www.SkyFestivals.com.

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