Ocean Shores Indoor 1 & 2
An AKA Sanctioned Kite Festival

Date & Location:
11/03/2012 - 11/04/2012
Ocean Shores Elementary
300 Mt. Olympus Ave.
Ocean Shores, WA US
(AKA Region 10)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kite Demos
Indoor Competition
Whether you are an avid flyer or just enjoy watching kites, come join the indoor kite lessons, demos, and competition. You are also invited to bring a raffle or auction item, potluck dish to share for dinner, and your best paper airplane design for the Paper Air Plane contest.
We are working on getting a Kitemaking 101 workshop and are open for suggestions for additional activites.
We would love to see you there.
For additional information contact:
Andy & Brenda Sias
PO Box 181
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Phone: (360) 289-4103

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