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How to Renew your AKA Membership

Quick Instructions:

Login to the website
Click on "View Your Profile"
Click on the "Memberships" tab
Make your selection and click the button at the bottom of the page.
Follow the instructions to complete the process.

Detailed Instructions:

To have self-service access to your AKA account, the AKA must have an email for you that is unique (within our website) to you.  If your account was automatically created for you as part of the migration to the new AKA website it is possible the AKA only had one email address on file for your whole household. Your email must be unique in the system before you can renew via self-service.

Family memberships are renewed from the account of the primary member for your household.  This is typically the name that is on your Kiting Magazine label. Keep reading to find out how to verify you are the primary member in your household.

Log into AKA Website:

Login to AKA Website

Sign into the AKA website using the Club House Login module. If you do not know your login information and the AKA has a unique email for you (ie not shared with other family members) you may find out your login and reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot login?" link and following the prompts.

View Your Profile

Once you are logged in, click on the "View my Profile" link that now shows in the Club House Login Module

Wait for your profile to load and all the tabs to appear (this may take a moment)

Are you the Primary Member?

If there are multiple AKA members in your household, check to make sure you are the primary member by clicking on the "My AKA Info" tab

If you are the primary member your "Membership Class" will be "REGULAR", or "SPONSOR".  You are a Family member if your Membership Class is "FAMILY".   The "Family Id" field contains the pilots number of the primary member for the household. Renewals must be done from the primary members account.

Additionally the primary member of a household will have a "Family Settings" tab.  This tab will list the name of family members associated with this account. You should make a note of how many family members you have associated with your account so that you know how many to renew.

Membership Options

Click on the "Memberships" tab

In the upper half of the tab you will see your current membership "subscription".

If your current "subscription" has a "Renew Now" option displayed select it by clicking on each subscription item you wish to renew.  Make sure you renew all items in your subscription plan.

If your current subscription does not allow renewal select a new subscription plan.

Important note for AKA members who were part of the migration to the new AKA Website.  The first time you renew after the system change, your new "subscription" will start on the day you renew NOT the day after your previous "subscription" expires.  We suggestion you wait until you are within a few days of expiring.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Payment Options

Once you have made your selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button. The payment selection page will be displayed. Verify that the price for the year is correct.

Next you need to choose your payment options.

PAYPAL use this option to pay with PayPal or a credit card. This is a one time payment.

PAYPAL SUBSCRIBE use this options to authorize a PayPal Subscription. PayPal will make one payment immediately for this year as well as automatically making a payment to the AKA on your behalf next year and the year after (3 years in total). You may cancel your PayPal automatic subscription payments at any time from your PayPal account.

PAY OFFLINE If you would prefer to mail a check select this option, print the form that is displayed and mail it with your check to the address specified on the form

Payment Processing

Click on the payment option you would like to use. The next screen that appears will be PayPal's.  Follow the instructions on the page to process your payment.  When your payment is complete you will be returned to the AKA website.  You can view your "Memberships" tab on your profile to verify that your membership has been renewed. You will also receive an email from PayPal verifying you payment and one email from the AKA for each account that you renewed.

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